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Step 1

Visit with one of our helpful New Account Representatives to open your account. You may review our available products here on our website, or wait to discuss your needs when you arrive to ensure you open the best product to suit your interests.


 Lobby Hours

1016 W. Covell Road
Edmond, OK 73003

Monday – Friday:
9:00am – 5:00pm

Step 2

Make a list of expenses. Take note of bills or payments that are automatically paid from your account on a regular basis. Contact these companies to provide them with your new account information. They will need both sets of numbers from the bottom of your temporary checks, provided to you when you open your account.

 Switch Step 2

Step 3

Redirect your income. Request a new direct deposit form from your employer. Consider other forms of income, such as Social Security, investment earnings, pensions, or annuity payments. Timing of this change is key, so you are sure to leave enough funds in your old account to cover any outstanding/pending items, as it may take some companies a few months to change your automatic debits.

Step 4

Close your old account. Once you are sure the steps above are complete, contact the other bank to see what is needed to complete your final closing transaction. Simply writing yourself a check for the remaining balance may not officially close your account, which could result in service charges or fees. An official letter or form may be required.

Welcome! You are now a Prime Bank customer!

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